all mimsy were the borogroves

a divine spark
the moon sings out a cloudy dee
knew all along
that disorder that border that personality
would damage me
declining aligns
with certain lines see
a melting pot of gold
intra-twined ropes twinned souls
emotional chemistry
bodies too cold to mention
don’t have the energy
irony of where we’ve been
and the white noise space in:
a month of ancillaries,
a relief to be free,
not left wondering,
about, how things
were going to turn out to be,
your uncertainty was filling me,
weakening me, killing the man I thought I ought to be,
languid anguish for absent family,
I’m worth more than your agony:
worth more than the ore,
inside your own faculty.
I’m the cure climbing to get out,
but then doubt creeps in,
a nuclear fall out,
celestial penalty,
exponential levels of hell,
dead spirit level:
no way out,
and I don’t need you to call me out again,
I consent to your descent into darkness
and I couldn’t care less again,
forcing me into a corner
exchanging words at mortar
range, render you speechless
leave you with rage,
bankruptcy in the business of protection
I didn’t want to be your bandage,
nor your band aid.
My happiness, is my prime aim.

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